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"Approachable, professional and personable" 



Whether you're a seasoned professional or a student, having a visually accurate headshot can be the deciding factor in a casting call back. You need to be accurately represented in your portfolio both in genre and casting age range. Booking a portrait session with a professional photographer will help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Professional corporate and business headshots can help communicate your image to potential clients and customers. For all corporate and business bookings, please get in touch to discuss your vision. 


Portraits define your characteristics and can embody years of emotional depth. Whether you're looking to capture your natural resting posture, that sparkle in your eye or would like a styled look for a catalogue, show or look book, hiring an experienced professional that knows a variety or lighting techniques will be able to capture the look you are after. Please get in touch, cheaper rates are offered for those who do not wish to be photographed in a studio. 

For those who are unaware of the difference between a portrait and a headshot. You might like to check out my article in the link below. *link currently unavailable*

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All portrait sessions will receive 3 edited and retouched images, additional photographs may be purchased separately .







Family (New Service)


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Additional services and costs

Retouched Extra Photograph


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