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Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you cover?


London and the South East of England. This includes most of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and parts of Hertfordshire.


However, I will travel further if required. Including overseas trips, subject to travel and accommodation costs.


Are there any travel fees?


I do not charge for travel costs up to a distance of 30 miles from my office. Further than that, the travel costs are negotiable. To check whether you fall within my free-travel zone, use the post code BN1 3HN to plot a route to your location.

Will I receive all the photos shot during the session?


The raw, unedited files will not be made available to you. This is because the files from a professional DSLR are designed for maximum flexibility in post processing. 


The photos you will receive are a selection of high quality edited images, which have been professionally edited and retouched to achieve the look and design that you have paid for.


I do not limit my editing to a certain number of images. Any images I do not deliver to you simply do not meet the high standards you deserve.


Can I buy prints or albums from you?


Unfortunately I do not have the facility to print large quantities of photographs. However I can point you in the right direction for your requirements. 


I can resize and digitally mount all images ready for printing to save you money and time when it comes to preparing your images for print. 


What equipment do you use?


I use a range of modern, professional digital SLR cameras and lenses to capture your images. I try not to go in to detail about brands or models, my images should convince you of my abilities, not my cameras. 


Although I often carry portable lighting setups with me and of course have access to professional studio lighting setups and a variety of lenses, accessories and backup cameras in case one fails!


Do you also shoot videos?


I focus on providing the very best service in still photography. I am very happy to work alongside videographers for your event, but I do not offer this service myself.


How do I book with you?


If you are ready to make the next step and arrange a booking, then please contact me directly via or tel:07526667878.


Do you have an assistant? 


I have a selection of skilled photographers on call that are happy to assist me and work their magic on your event. There will be an additional increase in cost per hour if 2 photographers are required.


Amity Weddings is a partnership run by myself and Gareth Bevan Photography. All of our package deals come with two dedicated photographers. However if only one photographer is required, the package cost is eligible for a substantial discount. 


Do you edit the photos yourself or use a third party service?


I edit all of my photographs my self. 


If I hire you to shoot in a special location, is a permit required?


Some locations require you to buy a permit, such as Canary Wharf, The Gherkin, London Eye, any of the Royal Parks and Tower Bridge just to name a few. These permits can cost hundreds of pounds. If your event is taking place on private property, it is advised that you ask for permission before your event takes place. 


Whilst I will research a location my self, as my public liability insurance would be invalidated if I shot a client on private property without permission, please be sure yourself of any restrictions on your chosen location - I will be unable to refund any deposit if I arrive at your location and are turned away by security because a permit was not obtained properly.


Can I have images in Black and White or only Colour?


I am skilled in producing well-edited Black and White and Colour images alike. As standard, I will use my creative skills to determine which images are most suited to Black and White vs. Colour.


If you have a particular preference for one or the other, I will be happy to deliver all images in that style if you let me know in advance.


I do not offer for free to edit every photo in both BnW and Colour - this is because editing a photo for BnW is a totally different process from editing for Colour, and producing an image in both takes a lot of additional time. Therefore, if you want every photo in both Black and White and Colour, we can discuss a rate for the additional editing.


How are the digital images delivered?


All of my photographs will be stored in an online Microsoft OneDrive album which allows you to view, download and share your images quickly and easily. 

The quality of these digital downloads is the same as if they were delivered to you on a USB stick. If you would like a hardcopy USB stick posted to a nominated address I can produce this at an additional cost.


Can I see the outtakes and files you didn't edit?


No, I do not store rejected files as part of my post-production workflow process - a full day of shooting can incur 100GBs of files, and rejected files are simply deleted with confidence that they will not be missed.


Do your prices vary on weekends vs. weekdays?


I have an out of hours rate for events that take place in the evening and early morning. Otherwise all my prices and daily rates are the same. For returning clients and weekly or monthly servicing I can offer a discount. Please message me to discuss this.


Who owns the copyright to the images?


Technically, by law, I retain the copyright on all photos I shoot. By accepting the terms and conditions and paying the invoice this will indemnify you from any legal action by Michael Cheetham Photography if you reproduce (print, post on social media, share etc.) the images in any way, excluding commercial uses i.e. you cannot sell the image to somebody else for profit.


Will you share the images from my shoot with anyone?


Accepting the terms and conditions of Michael Cheetham Photography by paying the invoice sent to you, will grant me consent to share the images on my social media, website and marketing - a photography business is extremely dependent on social media and web marketing, so being able to showcase the work I do means a great deal to me. I would never use an image from your shoot to make additional profits e.g. selling the image to an advertising company. 

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